Business PC Consultants
Professional Computer Service for Home and Office

We charge $75/hr for most in-shop work and $90/hr on-site. Estimates are free of charge and repairs are guaranteed.

We are very sensitive to costs and realize that fixing an old computer may not be in your best interest. Call us now at 800-838-0701 for a free estimate and an honest opinion of whether to fix your computer or purchase a new one.

We also offer the following flat rate services, all of which must be performed in our office.

Reinstall Windows

Reinstalling Windows is the best way to get rid of malware and make your computer as fast as (or faster) then when it was new. We do not need your original Windows CDs. We charge $90 for this service which includes Windows activation and driver installation.

Virus/Spyware Removal

This service includes removal of all infections including viruses, trojans, and rootkits. We also check browser add-ons and make sure your antivirus program is working correctly. This $90 service is guaranteed.

Data Recovery

If your hard drive has become unreadable through normal methods, we can usually recover documents, pictures, music, and other files using our proven data recovery procedures. This service costs between $90 and $300 depending on the amount of data to be recovered. Please call us for details.


We have lots of experience with Intuit QuickBooks. We can install, repair, and upgrade QuickBooks as well as give general advice about its usage. We also have a certified public account on our staff who can help with using QuickBooks in your business. We charge $70/hr for services involving QuickBooks software, and most work can be performed remotely from our office.

Data Copy

We can copy photos, documents, music, email, and other data from a laptop or desktop computer that is no longer working. This service costs between $75 and $240 depending on the amount of data to be copied.

Remote IT Services

Have a problem you need solved NOW? We can solve many problems remotely! Just call us at 610-847-8590 and we will tell you how to download and run our remote-control program which will allow us to temporarily view and control your computer. We bill remote IT services at $75/hr with a $35 minimum charge.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Got a damaged screen? We can replace it for between $70 and $90 plus the cost of the screen which is usually about $100.

Backup Software Installation

We install Paragon Backup and configure it to automatically back up your entire hard drive every night. This service requires an external hard drive which you can purchase or we can supply. The cost for this service varies but typically takes less than two hours plus the cost of the external hard drive (about $80).

We are aware that some repairs may not be practical due to cost, and we can provide an estimate before the repairs are performed.

Call us now at 800-838-0701 for a free estimate!