Business PC Consultants
Professional Computer Service for Home and Office

Computer networks are essential to a business environment. Over the last few years networks have become faster and more complex, especially with the growing number of wireless devices. With over 13 years experience, we can help with just about any networking situation.

Equipment Installation

The typical office network uses a router, multiple switches and several wireless endpoints to connect desktop and laptop computers and network printers. We can install and configure all of this equipment and make your office network run fast and reliably.

Office Wiring

Got walls? We can run ethernet cabling through walls and ceilings and install wall jacks for a professional look.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networking equipment has come a long way in the past ten years. With the proliferation of cell phones and other mobile devices, wireless equipment must be configured properly. We have extensive experience with many makes and models of wireless routers, endpoints as well as other wireless devices. We can even extend your network between buildings with a specialized point-to-point wireless bridge.

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