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It's no secret that a good website is a critical part of your business advertising strategy. At Business PC Consultants we handle all aspects of website design from registering your domain name to designing and maintaining your website.

Since we're local to the Milford area, we can sit down with you and discuss the design of your new website face to face.

Our designers are experts in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. This allows us to create password-protected pages, customized forms, and even entire applications such as customized shopping carts.

The latest inovation in website technology is "mobile compatibility". This means that a website is designed to be easily viewable on smaller devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Unlike our competitors, we don't lock you into a web hosting contract: you can host your website with us or move it to another hosting company.

Call us now at 800-838-0701 for a free estimate!
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